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by bishopstika on February 4, 2013

Bishop Stika and Cardinal Rigali with Bob Newhart

Bishop Stika and Cardinal Rigali with Bob Newhart

This past Friday (February 1) I had the great experience of hosting Mr. Bob Newhart for dinner at my residence. It was truly a memorable night to share a meal with this very iconic figure in American entertainment. He is indeed a great gentleman who kept the entire group entertained both with his humor as well as sharing stories about so many icons of television and movies. He spoke about his friendships with Groucho and Harpo Marx, Stan Laurel and Johnny Carson. He spoke about his favorite shows and the great ensemble that he was privileged to work with throughout his two productions.

He also spoke about his faith and how it influenced his life. Bob is dedicated to living out his faith as a Catholic and shared stories about certain priests and religious who were influential in his life. He spoke about his wife with whom he just celebrated 50 years of marriage. He spoke about his children and grandchildren who often had great difficulty in trying to understand how grandpa can be contained in the box that is called a television.

The characteristic that I immediately noticed was that in person he was also the same character that he presented on his television shows. It seems that by being Bob he was also the Bob that so many have come to love throughout the years!

Bob was in Knoxville to entertain members of the community at the grand Tennessee Theater.

It is refreshing to know that in the world of Hollywood there are still men and women of faith!

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